Xenter is infusing novel technologies into workhorse medical devices* that gather Physical Intelligence,™ wirelessly transmit Physical Intelligence into a global healthcare cloud, and use Artificial Intelligence analytics to improve healthcare.

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Xenter is developing a data-driven platform that embeds wireless capabilities into workhorse devices* used to treat heart attack, stroke and vascular disease

Smart/wireless guidewires and catheters* empower cath lab workhorses with Physical Intelligence™

Data from these smart devices is transmitted through Xenter’s XenFi™ Wireless Network

XMD™ is a new global healthcare cloud that contains this Physical Intelligence data

Data from XMD™ delivers powerful AI-enabled patient and physician software application

   *  Caution: Investigational devices only. Not for sale in the United States or any other jurisdiction.

See the power of Physical Intelligence

While Artificial Intelligence within a device or software can guide decision-making, it takes real-time in vivo Physical Intelligence to clearly understand what a patient is experiencing. Xenter’s platform will enable the capture of Physical Intelligence in the moment from device sensors, imaging, blood tests and other data inputs

These powerful insights inform a patient’s personalized clinical care path and can also help identify who is most likely to require readmission—contributing to both solving the acute issue and optimizing the durable result

Real-time, valuable physiologic data from devices will help drive:

What is Physical Intelligence?

Physical Intelligence is actionable, real-time medical data that:

  • Details a patient’s condition
  • Enables instantaneous clinical decisions
  • Is archived in Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
    Xenter is developing the sensors, chips, and wireless platforms that both collect and house Physical Intelligence data. XMD™ global healthcare cloud will enable AI analytics of Physical Intelligence data.

Physical Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence utilizes Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Large Language Models, Predictive Analytics, and other algorithms to reason, learn, and problem-solve using available open source and closed source data. However, AI is a limited tool that relies entirely on concrete hi-fidelity, accurate, real-time, physical information compiled from trusted sources.

While AI can be a powerful tool, Xenter believes Physical Intelligence data is needed to ensure Artificial Intelligence can provide the highly accurate Clinical Decision Support Tools needed to improve patient outcomes and assist physicians in complex tasks.

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